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Double-Side Lapping Polishing Machine back
Model:GDP-9H Double-Side Lapping Polishing Machine

【Description】 Double-Side Lapping/Polishing Machine, applying abrasive powder or
  slurries for thinning or polishing process. Machine Size: 24", 28", 32", 36" currently
【Feature】   PLC interface, ease to operate
  Suit for all kind of wafers size, good thickness uniformity
  Gantry design for better structural rigidity
  Multi-stage compression settings
  Multi-directional operation, the center gear can be positive or reversed for all kinds of product processing
  Auto Thickness Measurement Function Possible
【Keyword】 雙面研磨拋光機 / 双面研磨抛光机 / Double-Side Lapping Polishing Machine